Management Service includes:

  • Formally walk through and inspect each property every twelve weeks to ensure condition of property is being maintained, no rubbish accumulating and no additional persons residing at the premises etc.
  • Prepare full detailed photographic inventory.
  • Carry out Pre-occupancy Inspection Reports, and take photographs to establish the condition of property at beginning of the tenancy.
  • Vet all prospective tenants to establish character before arranging for them to view the property. Accompanied viewing is a standard procedure to ensure security of the property.
  • Collect “non-refundable cash booking deposit” to hold the property for the particular tenant while requesting references.
  • Obtain employment and landlord references on all prospective tenants.
  • Arrange signing of two copies of Tenancy Agreement, one for the tenants use, the other for the personal records of the landlord.
  • Collect rents on the 1st of each month and remit net income to owner on the 10th of each month, or on the first banking day following if 10th falls on a weekend.
  • Arrange for necessary repairs and /or maintenance to be completed and organise payments for the resulting expenses on behalf of the owner.
  • Ascertain gas and electrical reports are being carried out on a periodic basis.
  • Register the property with the appropriate authority on behalf of the owner.
  • Four weeks prior to the end of Tenancy, confirm with owner if he / she wishes to renew Tenancy Agreement or take the required steps to terminate the Tenancy and regain possession of the property. Therefore allowing ample time for the Landlord to show the property for Sales purposes, if he / she wishes to do so.
  • Negotiate appropriate rental increase with Tenants if renewing Tenancy Agreement.

After tenants have moved in to your property and the administration work is complete, landlords will receive a Landlord pack. Included in the pack are copies of contract, RTB form, copies of references, copies of ESB/GAS forms, copy of standing order, invoice and cheque. Please allow 10 working days for this to be processed.

Please note that managed properties do not receive this pack but will receive a detailed invoice in the second month, which will show rent received and recoverable expenses (if any). All the above are kept on file in our office at 22 Friary Street, Kilkenny.